Adriana Antunes Winkler

Data Protection Officer, Reyes Holdings, USA

Adriana Antunes Winkler, L.LM, Esq., is a Data Protection Officer renowned for her extensive expertise in deploying and managing privacy frameworks for multinational corporations globally. Previously, she helmed the data privacy and protection initiatives across Latin America, the Middle East, and Asia for a leading multi-billion dollar U.S. company. Additionally, Adriana presides over the Data Privacy and Protection Commission at the Brazilian BAR Association in Brasilia, guiding over 100 lawyers and acting as the chief advisory figure in privacy matters for the association. Her roles extend to being an educator, author, speaker, and researcher, offering counsel to both governmental and private entities on various data privacy and protection laws (including LGPD, GDPR, PIPA, PDPA, CPRA, etc.), risk management, Privacy by Design, third party evaluations, data subject access requests, and conducting educational sessions. She possesses privacy accreditations from IAPP, EXIN, and ISACA and has earned her DPO certification from Maastricht University, in Netherlands. Adriana invites professional connections via her LinkedIn profile at