Fabiola Herrera

Deputy Manager, Systems and Technological Innovation, Central Bank, Dominican Republic

Academia. BA Degree in Computer Science, Summa cum Laude, Pedro Henríquez Ureña National University; Technical degree in Mathematics, Statistics and Programming, (UNPHU); Analyst-Programmer Technician (UNPHU). Postgraduate degrees in Functional Analysis, Analysis and Process Redesign, Analysis and System Design, Digital Transformation Program (MIT). Her work areas include Payment Systems, IT, Cybersecurity, technological innovation and Fintechs, in both regulatory and operational aspects. She is also very active in financial inclusion and financial education.
Professional life. Since 1981, she worked in the private banking sector for 11 years in the IT area, and subsequently she was a private consultant on systems design for 3 years.
She joined the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic in January 1996, where she has served as Coordinator of the Computer Standards and Standards Division, and Deputy Director of Organization, Standards and Procedures of the Systems and Technology Department until 2003, when she left the institution. She then became a consultant for the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) in the Modernization Program of the National Congress and the Chamber of Accounts.
In January 2005, she rejoined the Central Bank as Technical Consultant to the Governor, and in 2006 she was appointed Director of the new Department of Payment Systems, which, among other functions, coordinated the Reform Project of the Payment System of the Dominican Republic (SIPARD), including checks digitalization and the implementation of Instant Payments nationwide. She also served for 12 years as Director of the Central Bank's Clearing House. Also, was the leader in the process of the interconnection of the national payment systems of the Central America countries (SIPA), a network for cross-border payments that went live in 2011.
She is currently Deputy Manager of Systems and Technological Innovation, supervising the Departments of Payment Systems, Systems and Technology, and Cyber and Information Security (Department that she was instructed to create and develop in 2018). As such, is the promoter of the national legal framework for cybersecurity in the financial sector, and the creation of a cyber incident response center for this sector (Financial CSIRT).
Memberships. From 2005 to 2018, she represented the BCRD before the Technical Committee on Payment Systems of the Central American Monetary Council (CMCA), a committee that promotes the development and interconnection of the payment systems of the countries that make up the CMCA. In addition, she is Vice Chair of the Working Group on Latin American and Caribbean Payment Systems Issues (GTSP – LAC) of the Western Hemisphere Payments and Securities Settlement Forum. Currently, she represents the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic before the Fintech Forum coordinated by the Center for Latin American Monetary Studies in Mexico (CEMLA).
Locally, Ms. Herrera is a member of the National Table for Digital Economy, hosted by the Ministry of the Presidency, where the Central Bank has two important projects: the Financial Innovation HUB, and the National Strategy for Financial Inclusion. Besides, she represents the Governor of the Central Bank at the National Council for Cybersecurity.
Sharing. Ms. Herrera has been teaching since 2000 in workshops and postgraduate courses, on Project Management; Planning, Organization and Control; Strategic Planning and others. Likewise, she has participated as speaker in numerous national and international events, since 1998.
Extras. Ms. Herrera is a member of the board for the Instituto Tecnólogico de Santo Domingo (INTEC).