Uzy Zwebner

Founder & CEO, Innovation BaseCamp

Uzy Zwebner, MBA. Co-Founder and Project Manager of the Advanced Technologies Park (ATP). Zwebner is part of the founding group and private shareholder at the Private Public Partnership initiative of developing the Advanced Technologies Park in Beer Sheva, Israel. The partners are Ben Gurion University (BGU) and the City of Beer Sheva, joined together with KUD International LLC and Gav Yam Bayside Corporation LTD. The ATP's master plan includes more than 2,000,000 square feet building rights planned to serve hundreds of companies and 10,000 high- tech employees. Total investment in the coming years will come up to more than $250 million. The first three buildings of 500,000 square feet have already been opened, and the whole space is being leased to the best international and Israeli high-tech firms. Being an entrepreneur, Mr. Zwebner was in charge of the development of the ATP from day one, where he was in charge of creating the new master plan and a special incentives parcel, together with the Park's partners and the Israeli government, in order to attract high-tech companies from all over the world to become tenants and to find excellent employees for them. The ATP is located adjacent to BGU, one of the best universities in Israel, and its centers of excellence. These days, the Israeli elite technology and cyber forces are moving to be located by the ATP, branding the ATP as a world cyber center as well.