Carlos Alvarado

CEO, Fronteras Security

CEO of Fronteras Security, INC., a Telecarrier - Cable Onda Cybersecurity company in alliance with Cyberint, an Israeli firm specialized in Cybersecurity main supports: Cyber Defense, Cyber Offensive, Cyber Intelligence allied to the business needs and market best-practices.

With more than 25 years in the field of Information and Communication Technology, he is specialized in:

  • Project Management
  • Sales and Consulting
  • ITIL
  • Information Technology Service Management Projects
  • Banking and Telecommunications Solutions
  • Cybersecurity

His working experience includes:

  • Grupo SSA Sistemas, where he worked as Business Development Regional Manager -Management Software Unit-.
  • BMC Business Development Regional Manager
  • ADR Technologies, Project and Sales Manager
  • Arango Software, Sales and Alliance VP
  • IPC General Manager

Mr. Carlos has a Degree in Computer Systems Engineering, with a technical degree in Software Engineering. He also has a Master in Industrial Psychology and Organizational Development from the Technological University of Panama.

As professional speaker, has dictated well-known seminars: Leadership Management -Institute of Texas-, The Bullet Proff Manager of Crestcom, Sales Foundation -BMC Business School-, Service Automation Workshop and an important Negotiation workshop in University of Louisville. Certified by Pink Elephant as ITIL Foundation Certified.