Edwin Reina

Edwin Reina is the CISO in the Department of Information Technology, at the Panama Canal. In his current position, he is responsible for the development and application of the Corporate Information Security Strategy and for the protection of the organization’s information. Additionally, he is responsible for protecting the information assets of the Canal through the adoption and communication of the best practices of computer and cybersecurity and the management of technological risk, by minimizing known threats and mitigating the risks associated with the applications, systems, networks, devices and the whole cybernetic environment. He also develops and implements plans for resource management, projects, customer relations, quality management, cost analysis, relationships with vendors and suppliers, performance indicators and short and long-term metrics that include the development of security requirements integrated computing, integrated security architecture, configurations, policies, procedures, plans, programs, budgets and service agreements that support them. Prior to his current position, he served in a number of positions at the Panama Canal, the latter being an Executive Manager of the Department of Information Technology. His career journey began in 1984 when he served as a Team Leader, Computer/Network Analyst, at the Panama Canal Commission, until 1997.