City of Knowledge, Panama City // February 22, 2018
2nd Cybertech Latin America in Panama Conference and Exhibition.
As cyber threats continue to grow around the world, more and more companies, governments and individuals are looking for the most advanced security and technology solutions to stay ahead of the game. In an increasingly networked environment, global cooperation and knowledge-sharing on countering cyber risks is more important than ever - necessitating a stage for cyber leadership. Cybertech has established itself as the leader of connecting the world of cyber innovation, with conferences and exhibitions attended by thousands around the world, including the flagship Cybertech Tel Aviv, which gathered 13,500 guests in 2017 alone.
Recognizing Panama as a regional and global leader in business, cyber, banking and innovation, Cybertech debuted in Panama for a 1-day conference and exhibition in March 2017. Following a hugely successful event, Cybertech proudly announces our return to Panama for Cybertech Latin America 2018, taking place February 22, 2018 at the City of Knowledge!