Cybertech Tel Aviv 2016

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About Cybertech Tel Aviv 2016:


Cybertech Tel Aviv 2016 was the country's premier event for cyber, technological solutions, investment opportunities, and much more. Cybertech Tel Aviv brought together the most innovative technologies, decision-makers, start-ups and investors of the industry for a two-day event at the Tel Aviv Convention Center.


The Israeli cyber industry and the local ecosystem where it operates constitute a pioneering, innovation-driving force and an attractive objective for the realization of this goal. The conference included a large exhibition of innovation and technologies from major companies and start-ups alike from Israel and around the world.


Among the conference themes:

  • Emergency Situations and Disasters: Securing Critical Infrastructure & Environment
  • "Cloudy" Environment Challenges
  • OT: Securing the Physical Domain from Cyber Threats
  • Cyber Security in Telecommunication Systems
  • When Everything is on the Net: Internet of Things
  • How to Build-and Fund-a Large Cybersecurity Company
  • International Collaboration and Power Restraints on Cyber
  • Threats & protection in IT: The Financial and Insurance Sector
  • Academy to Industry: Solving Current Demands while Producing Tomorrow's Innovators
  • Cyber Threats on the Move: Transportation & aviation
  • Is It a Virus? Medical Devices & Healthcare Under a Threat