Mr. Jony Fischbein

Mr. Jonathan Fischbein has served as Senior Solution Manager at Check Point Software Technologies for the last 14 years working extensively on a numerous initiatives, all of them focusing on preventing Cyber threats. During these 14 years, Mr. Fischbein had a key role in Product Organization, Product Management and nowadays in Security Solutions. In 1999, Mr. Fischbein created & managed the first Security Operation Center at Bank Leumi in Israel and later followed at Bank Discount in 2001. These two unique security entities became the first two-cyber organizations to operate 24/7 in the region. Mr. Fischbein's career has given him a diverse background as well as a breadth of experience in High Tech Security markets for almost 20 years developing ad-hoc solutions for large corporations to mitigate security threats and shape the companies security strategy to cope with upcoming challenges. Mr. Fischbein is a Major (reserved) in the Homefront command providing mitigation solutions to large-scale emergency situations (incident response scenarios). During his early service time he received the Home Front Command Excellency Honor for his contributions.