Henry Zebede

Henry Zebede new in the field looking forward to put a step in the technologies of Latin America, with the representation of  Beeper Communications Israel, Founded in 1988 by Motorola and local partners. Since then, Beeper has serverd as premier provider of emergency communication and critical messaging services for the leading security, military and homeland defense orgranizations. Some of the services Beeper provide are follows
Earthquake Warning System
-The world´s fastest, most advance earthquake warning technology
-All-in-one earthquake detection, analysis and regional/national alert capabilities
-Fully automated and operational 24/7 365 days a year
-Years of field-proven succes and thousands of instalations throughout Japan and Israel
Sismic Reader with Wi-Fi instant report
-Sensor connected via Wi-Fi sending instant report to the sofware
with the information on printer on real time
Multi-channel Bonder
-When you need to be in contact one-on-one or in multiple interaction, with stationary or mobile devices in the field where there´s no network infrastructure;
if you need remote management capabilities, or streaming video to a goup of participants, if you want to access a public or private network, whether your 
connectivity needs are a one-off or regular event, this Bonder is your solution
Henry Zebede when to Israel to learn about Earthquake Warning System also in few months develop together with Beeper as request of Universidad Tecnoligica de Panama the Sismic Reader with Wi-Fi instant report that is in process of approval to be set in Panama.