Jorge García Icaza


Elected president of the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Panama for the term 2016-2017 on March 15, 2016. He took office to steer the course of the most representative group of the private sector on March 31, 2016, committing willingly, firmly, with enthusiasm and dynamism, to represent the business class, reaffirming the commitment of the guild with the economic system and national affairs.


Garcia Icaza will frame his tenure on three objectives: defend the freedom of Enterprise, promote the sustained growth of all the economic sectors and provide vital social aspects to improve the quality of life of the Panamanians.


Mechanical Engineer specialized in Thermodynamics and Fluids, graduated from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Holds a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA), specialized in Finance and Marketing from Boston College. He worked for 15 years at Copa Airlines, reaching the position of Commercial Vice President. Currently, he is President of GEA Group, Ortopedia Nacional/Ortosistemas Group and Founder-Director of Panama Marine Adventure.


His career in the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Panama began in 1995. He has been director in the groups 13, 7 and 10, comprising companies related to the Tourism and Leisure, Transportation and Logistics, and Health and Chemicals sectors respectively.


He served as Vice President of the Board of Directors during the period 2015-2016. He chaired the Transportation Committee for 8 years, he acted as coordinator of the Committee of Pharmacy and Drugs and led the workshops undertaken by the guild with the Social Security Fund and the Ministry of Health in 2015.


He has local and regional experience in oil companies, airlines, real estate, health, tourism, convenience stores, and other sectors, where creativity and innovation are essential in order to differentiate in highly competitive markets. Garcia Icaza aims that this experience allows him to continue providing specific proposals to benefit the country; while still being respectful critics when appropriate