Sergio Heker


Sergio Heker is founder and CEO of GLESEC, a cyber security company headquartered in Princeton, NJ with operations across Latin America.
Mr. Heker has been involved in Internet security since 1985 when he started and operated the JvNCnet, the largest an fastest Internet network at the time, based at the John von Neumann Supercomputing Center, part of the ARPANET, one of the original six nodes of the NSFNET. JvNCnet became the first backbone based regional network in the US, and the first to offer T1 Internet access. It was also the largest carrier of Internet traffic in the world.
After the infamous Morris worm in 1988, the first Internet worm which was contained by the efforts of Mr. Heker; he was called to testify before the US Congress on the security of the Internet.
In 1990 the JvNCnet network becomes a Princeton University department under the management of Sergio Heker who then in 1992 acquires the operation from the University creating Global Enterprise Services (GES), the third commercial Internet Service Provider in the United States and a network that carried most of the traffic of the global Internet at the time with services into Asia, Europe and Latin America. GES was also known as the “pharmaceutical” network since most of the largest pharmaceutical companies derived their Internet access from it.
In 1997 he sells most of the assets of Global Enterprise Services and creates NextGen Internet one of the first e-business companies operating in the US and Latin America with primary operations in New Jersey and in Mexico and with a minor emphasis in information security.
He founds GLESEC, a cyber-security company in 2003 to respond to the need for information security intelligence and protection and to deliver managed operation and intelligence services with emerging technologies to a US and Latin America market.
Sergio Heker holds a Bachelor and Master’s Degrees in Electrical Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology, in Hoboken, New Jersey; he is a frequent conference speaker and is widely recognized as an Internet pioneer.
He is a founding member of the Internet Society, a National Science Foundation Principal Investigator and Reviewer, member of Who’s Who of Global Business Leaders, Who’s Who in the Computer Industry and belongs to Eta Kappa Nu and Stevens Institute of Technology’s Gear and Triangle.